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Knowing the atmosphere in which your violin, viola, or cello is stored is very important. You also need to be able to notice any change in humidity. Most of the devices offered in the instruments’ cases cannot help you with that – but the Stretto hygrometer can. Discover this reliable and efficient tool to know what level of humidity your instrument is subjected to.


Characteristics of the Stretto hygrometer

Very easy to use and to read, this device can be stuck directly into the case thanks to its very powerful adhesive tape. It allows you to know right away the temperature and humidity. Moreover, it keeps a record of the maximum and minimum conditions to give an idea of the range of variations on a given period.


Advantages of the Stretto hygrometer

To prevent troubles due to humidity, there is no better solution than humidifiers. They help preserve the sound of your instrument as well as avoid damages. If the wood on your violin or viola gets dry, cracks can appear, and harmful vibrations can be heard at the joints. Likewise, its setup may vary, causing playability and sound issues.

For all of the above, you must be able to monitor humidity and temperature changes, especially where your instrument is located most of the time – its case.

Once you know precisely about the humidity rate, you will be able to do what you must to protect your instrument. That’s why an accurate hygrometer is most important.


What your violin maker thinks the Stretto hygrometer

First and foremost, it is a precise device that determines the humidity of its current location. To begin with, you need to pay attention to the usual conditions in which your instrument is stored. Even if there is no ideal condition, european standards state that 30% to 70% humidity is best for human health. While you should be somewhere between 40% to 60%, what really matters is that your instrument doesn’t undergo great and sudden changes.

In fact, the dry climate of our regions is the biggest issue. Luckily, it is also the one that you can avoid the most easily thanks to humidifiers. Moreover, to preserve your instrument from sudden weather changes, you can reinforce its insulation, with blankets or string covers.

If you want to know more about it, you can read this article.


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