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These beautiful mutes bring out your silent moments.

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Wmutes viola are real works of art! Entirely handmade, they have been carved in bronze, then plated with gold, silver, or ruthenium, giving them this outstanding look. Needless to say, the quality of a sound dampened with such a mute is way ahead that of the usual lead, wood, or rubber used for these tools.











Characteristics of the WMutes viola

WMutes viola's rubber-cork pads
WMutes viola’s rubber-cork pads

First of all, Wmutes are carved in refined bronze, a widely used metal in instrument-making. a widely used metal in instrument-making. It displays a warm sound of an unprecedented quality! You’ve simply never heard any mute offering such possibilities.

Secondly, these mutes do not wear out the bridge. Indeed, many models have to be thrusted into the bridge , thus damaging it over time. The WMutes has a clip-on design and rubber-cork pads instead, that do not stain the wood at all.


If you want to read more about WMutes, here is a comprehensive article I wrote about them:

Two models and three offers

You can choose between the practice and the concert mute. In addition, you can have the two different mutes in the Duo Pack small wooden box.

Gold WMutes pack for both practice and concert.
Gold WMutes pack for both practice and concert.

Choose your finish

Depending on your outfit, you can choose between various types of finish! They have little to no impact on the sound, and there is no chance anybody can tell the difference.

Customised WMutes viola

Not only do WMutes make these tiny gems, but they also customise them. From a few writings to the full design of a mute, you benefit from a customised work of art!

If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

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Concert, Practice, Duo Pack


Gold, Silver, Black


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