CodaBow Prodigy

CodaBow Prodigy is the most affordable carbon fibre bow of the famous bowmaker. Benefit from all the advantages of the brand at a lower price.

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Codabow Prodigy is the most affordable carbon fibre bow of the famous bowmaker. From the materials to the finish, this bow displays all the assets that contributed to CodaBow’s success – except it is now affordable as a student bow. And there’s a lot more to it…











CodaBow, performance pioneer

Wordly-recognised pioneer of modern bowmaking, CodaBowis at the root of carbon-fibre use. This all began with the collaboration of a scientist, an engineer, and a bowmaker. With the help of professional musicians of course, they joined their knowledge to create revolutionary bows. These technological masterpieces are both in keeping with their legacy and turned toward innovation. Always aiming at improving the performances of the next generation bows, CodaBowstands for a visionary cutting-edge.


Characteristics of the CodaBow Prodigy

Bow only available in 4/4 size. This bow is a durable and appealing alternative to preserve resources such as natural ebony and pernambuco. Besides, you can fit Corusssynthetic fibres on this bow.

Stick With great skill and precision, graphite fibres are woven from the button to the tip of the head. A sophisticated innovation for more balance between strength and stability – a determining point for good bows.
Acoustics Though it is more powerful, Kevlar displays the same natural reponse and tone as pernambuco.
Finish Brown weave pattern
Frog XEBONY® is a manmade alternative to ebony.
Fittings Full silver and three-parts button
Thumbpiece Morocco leather
Wrapping Silver
Head plate Alloy
Hair Sorted natural hair or Coruss
Warranty Limited (10 years)



Maker’s warranties

Each CodaBowhas its own serial number. You can use it to register your bow online.

With this registration, you can benefit from advantages such as:

  • Activating your warranty
  • Authenticate yourself
  • Monitor your insurance

To activate your serial number, go on



What your violin maker thinks about the CodaBow Prodigy

First, this model has remarkable bowmaking qualities. Fully mounted in silver and neatly woven in copper, the bow displays a beautiful finish. Besides, it is a carbon fibre bow that will meet the needs of the most advanced violinists.



Should I go for synthetic hair?

Corusssynthetic hair is available on this bow. If you’re interested, check out this article to learn more about its many advantages.


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Type de crin

Coruss, Crin naturel


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