Violin-maker apron


The best violin-maker apron, as it’s mine! But I still put my heart into creating it with the help of a specialist in professional aprons.



I’ve searched for a functional and effective apron for a long time. Not only was I looking for something to protect myself and my clothes and comfortable to wear, but also something that would protect the instruments. I’ve tried many things and fabrics: apron made of cotton, of leather, protective jackets, and many other protective clothes… without ever finding the right one. That’s why I teamed up with Marcel & Jean to design the perfect apron to wear in my workshop.


Violin-maker apron

Today, I invite you to buy my own version of the violin-maker’s apron, which features the following characteristics:

  • First of all, it is entirely made in France by Marcel & Jean.
  • Then, it has been designed to be completely ecofriendly as well.
  • Its 100% cotton lined fabric is thick, resistant, but also very flexible.
  • The cross-over straps provide an excellent comfort throughout the day.
  • Fully adjustable in height, it can also fit all body types.
  • In addition, its design provides more protection, especially on the legs.
  • Finally, I wanted it to be pocketless to avoid as much as possible unfortunate encounters with the instruments.


To me, it is the best apron for a violin-maker.

Firstly, it is quite light and comfortable to wear. As it is made of high-quality cotton and has cross straps on the back, it feels like you aren’t even wearing it. Indeed, you’ll understand instantly what I mean if you’ve ever worn an apron made of leather with a strap going behind your neck – it is horrendously unpleasant.

When working in a workshop, you handle a lot of dirty stuff: old violins, smelly and sticky substances, sawdust… That’s why it’s so important to be able to protect yourself so that your clothes will last for many more years.

Finally, I wanted to avoid any metal parts, rivets, pockets and other ornaments. This way there is no chance of damaging the delicate instruments we work on.


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