Violin moulds and templates

These moulds and templates allow you to save time and gain precision in the making of your own instrument by following legendary models.

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When making a violin, you always start by creating models and a mould. It is a tedious but precise task which also needs a complete documentation to be carried out. That is why I offer you a complete solution with moulds and templates for violins that come from well-known models. These are models straight out of the Academia Cremonensis, which features the most famous Italian violin-makers.

Italian violin moulds and templates
This high-quality birch mould will hold the blocks and ribs.

Italian violin mould and templates

Cremonese violin moulds and templates
These models and designs come directly from Cremonese instruments.

These moulds and templates are the ideal starting point for making a violin according to professional methods. They fit perfectly into the traditional practices of modern violin-making.

You can find the following models:

What’s in the box

  • Firstly, an inner mould made of high-quality birch plywood. This is not only very sturdy but also mildew resistant.
  • Then, you can find templates that are necessary to draw the outlines of each part: outline of the top and back, outline of the neck and scroll, models of blocks, carving references for the top and back, and a template for the f-holes.
  • In addition, there are instructions on how to assemble the mould and how the different templates work.
  • Finally, additional details on the instrument and its creator give you further knowledge on the context surrounding the masterpiece you are going to reproduce.
Violin moulds and templates shapes
The detachable shapes make it possible to faithfully reproduce each violin model.


Why choose this solution?

Making the moulds and different shapes needed to create a violin is a tedious task. Indeed, it requires tools and a specific knowledge sometimes hardly accessible.

By choosing this option, you save yourself from long hours of research and preparation when you just want to get into working. Moreover, the precision given by these models is only accessible by machines and specialised equiment that few people can afford.

Therefore, they are an excellent basis for someone wishing to get into making their own violin.

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1715 Cremonese, 1716 Messiah, 1730 Kreisler, 1743 Canon


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